Summer Camping Ideas for the Smart Camper

Summer seems the perfect time to go camping with friends, as there would be many fun things to do during this time. Planning for this outdoor recreational activity can be fun as well because it is not just about bringing the Coleman camping gear like Coleman tents. You can gather your friends and discuss among yourselves where you will go, what you want to do, and who will be in charge of what. You can get more ideas and divide the work that camping entails if you get everyone involved. As the purpose of camping is to have an enjoyable time, this kind of setup would ensure that no one would be left out or would be stressed out.

Choosing the right campground is important in planning for the activities you would engage in during camping. With different public or private campgrounds to choose from, you need to determine what it is you want to do most like swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, etc. Select a site that would give you the right recreational opportunities that everyone would enjoy the most. For example, if it is hiking you are most interested in, you then pick a site that has scenic areas with good hiking trails. If you want to go swimming, you can pick a site where you can have a great time in the water.

Whatever form of recreation you prefer, you can also organize some games with that in mind. It would be like doubling the fun and excitement. While hiking, you might want to do some modified version of scavenger hunt where instead of getting something you just have to take a picture that represents what is on your scavenger list. You may put someone in charge of the games or you can assign each one to prepare a game. You can also be creative in the prizes for the winners or punishment for the non winners. All it takes is a bit of planning and creativity, and you will find yourself having a great time.

Of course, the success of your camping trip does not just rely on the games and activities. Keep in mind that you would be at the campsite morning until night, which means you are going to be sleeping, cooking, eating, etc. For everything to go smoothly and without a hitch, you should bring everything that you would need. You might also want to consider Coleman camping equipment like Coleman tents that has hanging dividers to divide the tent into two or three rooms. It would be ideal for large groups and would allow some privacy to its occupants. Make sure that you also choose a tent that has proper ventilation.

To avoid camping to become a chore, it would be great if you would help each other out or share the load. You may also use it as a form of consequence for losing a game. This would make everyone perform better at the games to avoid cooking or cleaning up. Every task would be made easy as well if you bring the right camping supplies and Coleman camping gear with you.