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4 Ways High Performers Are Challenged on a School Trip

Every school features high-performers. These students are typified not necessarily by a greater intellect or natural ability than their peers, but rather by a greater intensity of commitment. They wish to perform at the top of their class at all times, consequently they have an inordinate amount of energy, focus and drive to excel at each task they are given.

Excursions can seem like a chance for these students to rest on their laurels. In actual fact, many tours are designed in such a way that high achievers can not only excel, but can also be challenged.


For some students, maths is a nightmare; for others, the lure of numbers, shapes and algorithms is irresistible. While high-achievers in math tend to be quite comfortable in the classroom, a school trip can afford a stellar opportunity to understand the origins of theorems, develop knowledge of more complex formulae through engagement with experts, and practically apply what they have learnt in real yet complex situations. For example, students who have the chance to visit the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh will be able to consider the achievements of famous Enlightenment mathematicians.


The love of letters of develops at a young age, and a school trip provides a unique chance for students to engage with the connection between real places and the words they have read on a page. The study of English demands not only a contextual understanding of the provenance of literature, but also the capacity to write under the inspiration of real circumstances and places. Hence high-achievers will be delighted to explore the worlds of their favourite authors and be challenged to compose works in homage. Any motivated student will relish the experience of visiting the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon.


High-achieving students on a history school trip are commonly eager to explore the neglected nooks and crannies of their favourite epochs. Keen for details, they delight in a chance to go beyond the overview of textbooks and impress teachers with an in-depth understanding of the contextual issues behind historical events. Hence they will be pushed by an excursion to Berlin, where museums, tours and exhibitions will unravel the city’s tumultuous modern history.

Performing Arts

The study of Performing Arts requires great drive, talent and discipline, and hence high-achievers on a school trip expect a superior experience when they travel. Whether they are devoted to music, theatre or dance, they expect to be exposed to the best in venues, experts and performances when given a chance to demonstrate and hone their skills outside the classroom. They will, of course, be challenged if they have the chance to spend time in a high-quality resort focused solely on developing their craft. Here they will not only be exposed to new skills and methods, but also have the chance to demonstrate their achievements without distraction.