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Tips For Guest Bloggers: What You Should Do When You Guest Post

Asking a blogger to be a guest blogger in his site is not exactly an easy task. You have to do your research, consider lots of things and persuade him to saying yes to your guest post. Of course, being persuasive is not the only skill that you must have in order to make him say yes. In order to do that, you must show him that you are worth the slot too. How is this done, you may ask?

Well, take a look at the guest blogging tips that we have in store for you. With these tips, no blogger will surely say no to your guest post offer.

Guest Blogging Tips

When Thinking of a Topic:

Tip: The first thing you need to do is to take a long look at the blog that you want to guest post in. In order to know what the blog is talking about, read the “About” section thoroughly. This will give you the idea about what subject matters the blog is tackling (travel tips, travel ideas, etc.). After that, you should also read some of the blog posts. By doing so, you are assured that you will not pitch any topic that is similar to the blog’s previous posts. This will be a big no-no. After doing the proper research, think of what topic is good to pitch, depending on the reader’s comments and previous blog posts.

When Communicating With The Blogger:

Tip #1: Always be courteous and go direct to the point. To tell you the truth, compliments will get you nowhere. When you butter up the blogger, he can sense what you are doing and chances are, you will not be able to get the spot. Always remember that bloggers are way too busy to entertain all your chats and comments. That is why you should not beat around the bush. When you do an email pitch, tell him what you can offer to the blogger and to his readers in detail. Also, do not try to add more things to your credentials, the blogger will know if you do so.

Tip #2: Include all your credentials. It is always best to let the blogger know about your credential. Through this, you can establish the reasons why you are the best person to do the job.

Tip #3: Let the blogger know about your blog stats. There is no reason for you to hide your blog stats, most especially if they are good. Through this, the blogger will get to know how authoritative you are in your niche. Show them your page view stats, search engine rankings as well as your monthly unique visitor.

Tip #4: Include links to a sample of your work and your blog. How can a blogger decide if he will take your offer if you will now show him any samples of your writing? This is why you should provide links to your blogs and other online writing projects when you pitch your topic.

These are just some tips that you should take note of when doing your pitches.

Horse Betting Tips – Be a Sure Winner

Is horse betting your favorite hobby these days? Have you tried earning double or triple than your first bet? Well, you are not alone in this kind of addiction. Gambling on horses has rapidly become the object of fascination for everyone. But this is not new to others. Horse betting has already existed for so long time. Nowadays, this activity has been said to be a business decision. More and more individuals are laying down their bets on contenders to increase their earnings. And they are indeed following several horse betting tips to ensure their winnings at the end of the race. Horse betting has really evolved through time and now it has become one of the fast-spreading businesses in all parts of the world.

Gambling on horses has gone past on being in a taboo stage. Though some countries still consider it as illegal, but more than half of the world has introduced it as other means of profit. Through this development, the sport has swiftly been accepted as a new sub-category in gambling. Aside from that, technology has also made its invention on online horse betting. And it has indeed made mark to people who love the sport and for those who are curious of it. It has made betting a lot easier for them. Instead of going to the stadium and falling in line just to get tickets, they can sit back and relax in the homes with their bets on a particular horse. They just need to wait for who is going to lead the race. No need to gas up and head off to the arena. This is very convenient for horse racing fanatics.

One of the highlights of this online horse racing is you can see the remarkable evolution in world of betting. And the good thing about this is there are so many horse betting tips that will aid them to become a sure winner. Which is of course quite hard to follow when you are on the actual arena. But then again, it has made most of horse race addict multi millionaires.

There are millions of horse-racing fans that are providing horse betting tips to individuals who are aiming to be a sure winner. They are evaluating the market trend and assisting the players to cast their bets on the right contender. While on the part of the players, they should follow the right horse betting tips so that they can successfully increase their earnings. It is wise to monitor how much money they gained in every tip that they follow so they can identify which one works best for them.

Therefore, anybody can share his experience to other people about how to place their bets on horse that win or lose. There are so many horse racing tips that are given and they can try all of them if they want. Besides, of all these tips have one common goal and that is to increase your earnings. For more tips, you can try browsing the net since there are a lot of websites that provide effective horse betting tips.